St. Margaret Convent School

We warmly welcome new children and their families to the school community. Children enter school in the month of March of the academic year once they become 2.5years of age. Pupils are admitted to school in accordance with the Country admissions policy. Parents are encouraged to apply online, but Admission forms are available from the school office. Before your child is due to start at the school we encourage you to visit us and take a preliminary look at the school. All children who are offered a place are invited to spend time in school once a week, in the term before they start. We will provide you with an information pack to help prepare your child for full-time education. There is also an opportunity to attend a meeting about your child starting school, and to meet the Reception teacher one to one. In a situation where there are more children applying for admission than places available at the school these are the current criteria to be applied:

  • Children in Local Authority Care
  • Current Family Association (brother or sister in school already)
  • Health and Special Access Reasons
  • The school’s admissions policy is also available from the office. For pupils who wish to join the school at other times, please contact the school directly about In Year Casual Admissions. In the case of there being no vacancies in a year group, the school will hold a waiting list. Equal Opportunities The governors and staff at St. Margaret Convent School are committed to providing the full range of opportunities for all pupils regardless of gender, disability, and ethnicity, social, cultural or religious background. We believe it essential that children should develop an understanding of a variety of cultures. We aim to help children grow into people who respect and care for all people. All pupils have equal access to the curriculum, and the right to a learning environment which dispels ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping. The entire school community has the right to protection from insult, abuse and bullying of any kind. Discrimination on the basis of race, culture, origin, belief, gender or ability is unacceptable in our school.