St. Margaret Convent School

Preparatory Stage: (classes 3 to 5) This is divided into the areas of Linguistics, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, (History, Geography), Art, Design Technology, Personal, PE and Music through play, discovery, activity based and interactive classroom learning methods. More details of the curriculum are available on our website. The key subjects of English, science and Maths are given particular priority within our curriculum. In order to make the curriculum more interesting and exciting, subjects are often taught in a cross curricular fashion, so subjects are linked together under a topic. E.g. History and Literacy might be linked together in a project on French Revolution.

ASSESSMENT: Learning has been made friendly and stress free through assessment process. The students pay more attention in the classes, following assignments prepared by subject teachers. Students are assessed on each topic after completion of the same answering simple questions. This method has enhanced the awareness among students in keeping them updated on regular intervals.

Middle stage: (Classes 6 to 8) this stage is divided into the areas of experimental learning in the field of science(chemistry,Physics,Biology). Visiting labs and demonstration of equipments are included in the curriculum ,mathematics, arts, social science, general knowledge and learning moral values are the prime scholastic subjects.In order to make the learning more interesting students often participate in peer tutoring. The teachers prepare charts and related models on the various topics to make the students attentive and participative.

Assessment: Students are assessed in an interactive way by demonstrating experiments. Knowledge and application based questions related to chapters are prepared to evaluate the students after completion of each chapter. The examination system is designed as per the following module.

Unit I (JUNE) ,






Secondary stage: (CLASSES 9 to 12) this is divided into multidisciplinary study. Students are allowed to opt for their own preferable streams (Science,Commerce,Humanities). Teaching at this stage becomes more critical, practical and application based. Physical education, EVS and psychology are introduced to enhance the possibility of scoring maximum marks in the boards. This enables students to cater their future prospect in   a broader aspect. Up gradation of technical subject like computer science, which includes Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Data Science, Machine learning etc. have been introduced to shape their career in comparison with the recent trend and modification of curriculum. The method of teaching develops the keen interest among the students by research based education through accessing library, project making, PPT etc.

Student’s participation and attendance are given much priority.

Assessment: The evaluation procedure of this stage confine of PRE-TEST (SEPTEMBER), MOCK EXAM , PRE- BOARD EXAM, REHARSAL EXAM (DECEMBER-JANUARY).The continuous monitoring of students help us to comprehend the knowledge they have accumulated  in their regular classes.