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St. Margaret Convent School

Rally on Cyner Security in association with Duttapukur Police Station

Bridge up class

Social message through Drama Presentation

Workshop on Cyber security by Duttapukur Police Station

School excursion

Quiz on computers and technology

Works of Jesus Christ on Christmas Carnival

Community service:

Visit in Aashiyana,”The Happy Home”
“Aao Milke Khile”

Objective– To share some care for the children in an orphanage home and spread love and friendship
Activity– As we know “Sharing is Caring”, we took our students to the aforementioned orphanage home, “Aashiyana” this year. This initiative is a reminder to our students for understanding the importance of empathy, and care and cherishing the valuable moments of love with kind souls. The children had prepared handmade cards with love and care from the deepest corners of their hearts for those children who are residing in Aashiyana. They have even brought some essential goods for the children of the orphanage home. We hope that our students will continue to grow in their lives. They will carry forward theri compassion, holding the memories of this day with each step forward towards their success.
Activity Done– Our visit to Aashiyana “The Happy Home”, taught our children to become more compassionate, caring and empathic towards society and the people within. The students will carry forward this compassion, holding onto the memories of this day.

Grand Parents Day

The yummy food, the fairy tales, the refuge after every mischief was the lap of our grandparents.The only place with unconditional and endless love.
Our new age fast paced life often misses out these tiny pockets of peace with our grandparents.

Celebration of Grandparents day is a very small tribute and a token of gratitude to those unsung heroes in our lives.

This day is also crucial in the series of interactive sessions for kids as it will strengthen the foundation of values and culture among the kids and evolve them as compassionate and benevolent individuals.

Cyber Security Rally

“Reducing the Online Anomalies”
On 18th January, A Cyber Awareness program was arranged to initiate social awareness among the children as well as the parents.
Objective: The main aim of the rally was to educate the public on various types of crimes happening in cyberspace and the safety measures to be followed.
Activity Done: Students held placards educating the public on various types of online scams. Through this awareness program, Students urge people not to share confidential information, bank account details and other personal details with unknown persons. This kind of initiative always makes our children socially active and committed towards society.

Raksha Bandhan

We took initiative to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, with some children we tied Rakhi to local people. This was followed by dance and song performances and recitation of some children’s poems. Everyone enjoyed the event. The main idea of ​​the celebration was to teach the children that the bond of protection is not only a bond of siblings but much more.

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September every year in India. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was the second President of India and a great scholar. Teacher’s Day is an important occasion for all educational institutions and shows respect for the hard work and education of all respected teachers. On this day we organize some cultural events where children participate in the event in front of their parents.

Independence Day

We celebrate Independence Day every year on 15th August through cultural programs arranged by our members. Independence day is the day to remember the heroic martyrs of our country and their sacrifices. To celebrate this freedom, with the help of some children and villegers we arrange some inspirational dramas and programs. On this day we have organized Blood Donation Camp to encourage youths to take social responsibility.
Abhijit • 19 mins

Children’s Day

Every year on 14th November we celebrate Children’s Day with the aim of spreading child awareness among the common people. Children’s Day is celebrated across India to increase awareness about the rights, education, and welfare of children. We have been working on various child development programs from the beginning of our journey so this day is very important for us. On this day all the children and students participated in the rally organized by our organization. 

Durga Puja

Rath Yatra

Republic Day and Saraswati Puja