Curriculum & Assessment

St. Margaret Convent School

We have modified and restructured the existing academic structure 10+2 with the new pedagogical and curricular structure of 5+3+3+4 covering ages from 3 to 18.

Children in the age 3 follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (kindergarten). This is divided into the Prime areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical development and Communication and Language. There are also specific areas of cognitive skills (thinking, learning, remembering, reasoning etc the core skills of knowledge gaining); Fine motto skills (balance of eyes, hands and fingers) etc. are used for the growth of intelligence and development of the children. Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge; Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and craft are being introduced. Children from age 3 upwards follow the National Education Policy , 2020, where play/activity based learning is adapted by implementing methods like chart making, model making, identification of colors, shapes etc. to make the curriculum more interesting and exciting. Fundamental movement skills have also been included in the school routine; the children are taken to the open playground to strengthen the physical and mental balance together.  


The assessment process of kindergarten section has been framed conceptually to encourage and motivates children to grasp the new ideas easily without much hesitation and difficulties. Evaluating children in their regular classes by preparing worksheets, identifying pictures, audio visual demonstrations have helped to acquired knowledge to a greater extent.


GRADE means Standard. So, we like to let the children know their standard by obtaining GRADEs, not marks. This helps in removing the ideas of conventional methods of marking system.