Safety Measures

St. Margaret Convent School

A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it they are unable to focus on learning for future.

Here, in our school, keeping the above facts in mind, we have uphold various safety measures which include-

  1. CCTV surveillance and security.
  2. The entire campus is protected by fencing and boundary wall.
  3. Gate passes are checked before entry of any outsider.
  4. Identity card is being provided to all students and staff member.
  5. Emergency drills are being taught to students to make them conscious and trained to seize from all types of hazards.
  6. Fire extinguishers are stationed at every floor stairs, office, library and laboratory.
  7. Self defense lessons and first aid safety are also being taught.
  8. Counseling classes for students especially girls to face challenges & crisis of day to day life.
  9. At the time of dispersal no children are allowed to go without escort card.
  10. Pull cars and other transport drivers are monitored at regular intervals.
  11. Separate washrooms for girls, boys and staff members at school and toilet attendants are being stationed during recess time.
  12. Counseling classes for motivation are held at regular intervals.