Events & Sports

St. Margaret Convent School


Sports and physical activities are the integral part of education system which must not be the mundane factor in the curriculum.  We have emphasized the most possible way to develop the awareness amongst the children. Here we have introduced table tennis, football, cricket, Archery, Karate and self defense, Yoga etc. as our sports and games platform.


Students can select the above mentioned sports activities as per their choice. The school routine has been framed where ECA and games classes are held once a week for 1:30 hrs.  

The students are being motivated to build up team with proper training support on a regular basis, to participate in indoor and outdoor tournaments and competitions. We often invite some eminent sports personalities to conduct motivational workshops and training sessions. These motivating sessions cultivate the skill and hidden talents of the learners.

We have focused self defense to be a part of regular curriculum to promote confidence and awareness in the society at a large. Several workshops conducted by trained experts have helped the students to generate self confidence and the ability to combat with every unsolicited odd. With this we have aimed to spread the message that ‘No woman and girl child be the next victim from the vulnerable part of the society ’.

The school has a well defined programme of extra curricular activities for all round personality development of the students. These activities inculcate a sense of civic responsibility, training them in team work, organization and leadership, and providing opportunities for developing their latent creative talents. The various extra-curricular activities include:-

  • Physical activities include yoga, aerobics, karate which helps the students to stay fit and healthy since a sound mind in a sound body is a source of happiness. Thus, it has been rightly said,” all work and no play make jack a dull boy”.
  • Games include volleyball, basketball, cricket, football, badminton, athletics which are an integral part of education.
  • Creative writing, quiz, debate, declamation, extempore, recitation, public speaking which can expose children to correct sentence pattern, standard story structures and varied word usage.
  • Several cultural activities include dance, drama, singing, music
    • (violin, guitar, table, synthesizer) painting, sculptures which provided opportunities for better understanding of our cultural heritage and traditions.

    • Social activities include community service where students render valuable service to the society and become better citizens in life.
    • Several awareness programme, rally that were conducted which has a great contribution towards the society.
    • Orientation day- belari Ramakrishna mission the dist educational officer who came and inspired us through his valuable words which world helps us in the near future.
    • Taking part in the 150thbirth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo at RAMA.
    • Participating in the event of Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, Kolkata. In calligraphy and mime.